To the Racer Who Refuses to Give Up

February 22, 2019

To the racer who refuses to give up,


Right now, your mind is on racing. 


It always is. 


Maybe you’re at work, or maybe you’re at home, but wherever you are, you’re thinking of ways to make your race car go faster.


You always are.


Quite possibly, you’re sitting alone in a cramped and dimly lit race shop, reflecting on your past and contemplating your future. You’re proud of what is, but, like always, you can’t help but wonder what could have been. 


Especially now.


In front of you is your race car. This race car isn’t much, but in that car, you have invested all your hopes and dreams, and on it, you have spent every dime you could spare and every penny you could borrow. 


You have accomplished great things with that car, and with the two or three that came before it. You have won a lot with very little, and through sheer grit and dogged determination you have turned next to nothing into really something.


It’s amazing, these things you’ve been able to do.  


But you dream much bigger dreams, because you know, like I know, that your talent far exceeds your means. The truth is, you could do anything if given half a chance. If only talent and desire were enough, there would be no limit to where you could go.  


I know, you have dreamed this dream for years, and part of what keeps you going is the slight hope that one day it might come true. But you know your chances of ever seeing that day are growing slimmer each season.


And that thought—the thought of never realizing your true potential—tears you up inside.


But you are not a quitter. You may be frustrated, and you may be disheartened, but if you were going to give up, you would have done so a long time ago. 


You know all to well how this racing world works; it twists and turns and winds and weaves, and at no point does it stop and wait for you to catch your breath.


But it also rewards those who refuse to quit. And you? You are one of the few who know not the meaning of the word. 


You have worked your fingers to the bone. You have busted your back and wracked your brain. You have done all that you can do, except for one thing:




When you’re down on your luck and struggling to find the motivation to continue, keep this in mind: there will always be losses, and there will always be lows, but there is success ahead of you yet. Keep fighting and keep believing, and you will find that your biggest wins and your highest highs are yet to come.


I know you know this, and I know that deep down it’s what keeps you going. It’s why you refuse to quit and it’s why you’ve made it this far.


Never forget that, and never forget that there are people who support you and believe in you with all their heart and with one hundred percent of their soul. If they were rich, they would go broke buying you a chance, because they know the truth:


You are great at what you do. You are more talented than most and more driven than all.


Believe in yourself and keep chasing your dream. Keep refusing to give up, and one day you just might win on a stage as big as you’ve ever imagined. And if that day comes, you'll look around at what you have accomplished, and you will know this:


You never quit dreaming, you never quit working, and you never quit trying.


You refused to give up, and because of that failure could never catch you.


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